OK Asia Playlist 11.17.18

Thank you for listening to OK Asia on WXOJ-LP103.3fm Saturday 12-2am(est). OK Asia’s playlist is ready if you would like to buy songs played just click on Spinitron.com to support the artists and Valley Free Radio.

OK Asia (Music) with DJ Panic 11/17/2018 12:00AM to 02:00AM

12:02AM-12:05AM (3:41) 9X9 “Night Light” from Night Light

12:05AM-12:08AM (3:12) BLACK6IX “Swamp of Despair” from Swamp of Despair – EP (2018) on 블랙홀 엔터테인먼트(BLACKHOLE ENTERTAINMENT)

12:08AM-12:13AM (4:42) D-CRUNCH “Stealer” from M1112(4COLORS)

12:13AM-12:17AM (4:00) BTOB “Beautiful Pain” from HOUR MOMENT – EP (2018)

12:17AM-12:21AM (3:32) Verbal Jint “Trainee Girl (feat. MXM)” from Trainee Girl / Girlfriend – Single on 브랜뉴뮤직(BRANDNEW MUSIC), OTHERSIDE

12:21AM-12:25AM (3:16) Taemin “Into the Rhythm” from Taemin on Universal Music LLC (JAPAN)

12:28AM-12:31AM (3:46) UVERworld “Odd Future” from Odd Future – Single on Sony Music Labels Inc. (JAPAN)

12:31AM-12:35AM (3:59) Kenshi Yonezu “Peace sign” from Peace Sign – EP (World, 2017) on Sony Music Records

12:35AM-12:41AM (5:11) Daichi Miura “Blizzard” from Blizzard – Single (2018)

12:41AM-12:45AM (3:56) OxT “Clattanoia” from Hello New World on KADOKAWA

12:45AM-12:49AM (4:20) The Molice “hello hello” from Gate (Rock, 2018) on Good Charamel Records

12:49AM-12:52AM (3:16) Kiha & The Faces “Cho Shim” from mono (Rock) on Genie Music Corporation, Stone Music Entertainment

01:02AM-01:05AM (3:13) STEVE AOKI “Waste It on Me (feat. BTS)” from Neon Future III (2018)

01:05AM-01:10AM (4:06) Bts “FAKE LOVE (Japanese ver.)(Remix)” from FAKE LOVE / Airplane pt. 2 – Single on Universal Music LLC (JAPAN)

01:10AM-01:13AM (3:36) Drunken Tiger “Timeless” from Timeless (feat. RM of BTS)

01:13AM-01:17AM (4:16) JAY PARK “Finish Line (feat. SUPERBEE & Jvcki Wai)” from Finish Line (feat. SUPERBEE & Jvcki Wai) – Single (2018)

01:17AM-01:21AM (3:15) Kris Wu “Coupe ft. Rich The Kid” from Antares (2018) on Universal Music Ltd

01:21AM-01:24AM (3:31) CROSS GENE “Na Hago Nolja” from Na Hago Nolja (Japanese Version) – EP on Universal Music LLC (JAPAN)

01:27AM-01:30AM (3:01) Crush & Garibay “Lay Your Head On Me” from Lay Your Head On Me – Single (2018)

01:30AM-01:34AM (4:00) Mukai Taichi “Rock Wit’cha” from Rock Wit’cha – Single (2018)

01:34AM-01:37AM (3:36) DIAURA “Human Noise” from Malice – Single (Rock) on Ains (http://www.di-aura.com/top.html, JAPAN)

01:37AM-01:42AM (5:05) Unlucky Morpheus “Requiem” from Change of Generation (2018) on Canned music

01:42AM-01:49AM (6:21) BUCK-TICK “Dress” from Darker Than Darkness – Style 93 (Rock, 1993) on HAPPYHOUSE (http://buck-tick.com/, JAPAN)

01:49AM-01:53AM (4:36) Yoshida Brothers “Cool Spiral” from Cool Spiral / WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS – Single (2018) on WM Japan (JAPAN)




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