OK Asia 12.08.18 Playlist

Thank you for listening to OK Asia on WXOJ-LP103.3fm Saturday 12-2am(est). OK Asia’s playlist is ready if you would like to buy songs played just click on Spinitron.com to support the artists and Valley Free Radio.

OK Asia (Music) with DJ Panic 12/08/2018 12:00AM to 02:00AM

12:03AM-12:06AM (3:00) Yultron “Slave to the Rave” from Slave to the Rave – Single (2018)

12:06AM-12:09AM (3:35) DOTAMA “Ready (feat. SAM & DJ YU-TA)” from Majestic (2018)

12:09AM-12:12AM (3:08) STEVE AOKI “Waste It on Me (feat. BTS)” from Waste It on Me (feat. BTS) [Slushii Remix] – Single (2018)

12:12AM-12:16AM (3:22) Mardial “Generic Banger” from Musik Dubstep

12:16AM-12:19AM (3:09) Pav Dharia “Na Ja (Beverly Pills Remix)” from Na Ja (Beverly Pills Remix) – Single on Effective Records

12:19AM-12:22AM (3:15) EXID “i love you” from I love you – Single on BANANA CULTURE

12:26AM-12:30AM (4:03) Slot Machine “Know Your Enemy” composed by Slot Machine from Know Your Enemy – Single on Universal Music Pte. Ltd.

12:30AM-12:34AM (4:20) Hiro (My First Story) “Mikazuki” from Dawn – Single (2018)

12:34AM-12:38AM (3:44) Takanori Nishikawa “Roll the Dice” from His/Story / Roll the Dice – EP on Sony Music Labels Inc. (JAPAN)

12:38AM-12:42AM (4:00) Hyde “fake divine” composed by Hyde from fake divine

12:42AM-12:47AM (4:52) The Molice “Magic” from Signs – EP (2017) on Good Charamel Records

12:47AM-12:51AM (3:50) RADWIMPS “IKIJIBIKI feat.Taka” from Anti Anti Generation (Rock) on Universal Music LLC (JAPAN)

01:03AM-01:06AM (3:42) Bts “No More Dream” from 2 Cool 4 Skool on Bighit Entertainment

01:06AM-01:10AM (3:46) Bts “awake” from You Never Walk Alone on ポニーキャニオン (http://www.shakalabbits.com/, JAPAN)

01:10AM-01:14AM (4:00) Bts “epiphany” from Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ (2018) on Bighit Entertainment

01:14AM-01:17AM (3:16) Justin Park “Like We Used To” from Places Like Home (2018)

01:17AM-01:20AM (3:09) PrizmaX “I Hate You” from I Hate You

01:20AM-01:24AM (3:27) Red Velvet “So Good” from RBB – The 5th Mini Album – EP (2018)

01:29AM-01:33AM (4:08) RUEED “Mastermind” from Mastermind – Single (2018)

01:33AM-01:37AM (3:42) pH-1 “Homebody” from staying – Single on Genie Music Corporation, Stone Music Entertainment

01:37AM-01:41AM (4:18) Toki Asako “SUNNY SIDE (WONK Remix)” from SUNNY SIDE(WONK Remix) – Single on rhythm zone

01:41AM-01:44AM (3:12) Ryohu “Where the Hood At [feat. in-d & Campanella]” from Ten Twenty (2018)

01:44AM-01:50AM (5:45) EXILE ATSUSHI “suddenly” from Suddenly / RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON on rhythm zone

01:50AM-01:53AM (3:30) ONEW “Blue” from VOICE – The 1st Mini Album (2018)




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