OK Asia Playlist ‘ARASHI Tribute’ 2.2.19

Thank you for listening to OK Asia on WXOJ-LP103.3fm Saturday 12-2am(est). OK Asia’s playlist with ARASHI Tribute is ready if you would like to buy songs played just click on Spinitron.com to support the artists and Valley Free Radio.

OK Asia (Music) with DJ Panic 02/02/2019 12:00AM to 02:00AM

12:02AM-12:06AM (4:16) Arashi “Arashi Mae no Shizukesa” from Sayonara Cecile (Remastered Version) (2015) on ポニーキャニオン (http://www.shakalabbits.com/, JAPAN)

12:06AM-12:10AM (4:22) Arashi “Sakura Sake” from Arashi Sakuhinshu, Vol. 1 (Orgel Music) (2013) on Recollect

12:10AM-12:15AM (5:10) Arashi “All Or Nothing” from Here We Go

12:15AM-12:20AM (4:53) Arashi “Love So Sweet” composed by Arashi from Time

12:30AM-12:34AM (3:47) Hanhae “Organic Life (feat. Reddy & NOEL)” from Organic Life – EP (2018) on 브랜뉴뮤직(BRANDNEW MUSIC)

12:34AM-12:37AM (2:58) Chai “Fashionista” from Fashionista – Single (2019)

12:37AM-12:40AM (3:15) JUNHO (From 2PM) “flashlight” from Souzou on Sony Music Labels Inc. (JAPAN)

12:40AM-12:43AM (2:56) Bullet Train “booster” from Golden Epoch

12:43AM-12:47AM (3:51) IMFACT “Only U” from Only U – EP (2019)

01:02AM-01:05AM (3:13) STEVE AOKI “Waste It on Me (feat. BTS)” from Neon Future III (2018)

01:05AM-01:08AM (3:45) BTS “We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2” from 2 Cool 4 Skool on Bighit Entertainment

01:08AM-01:13AM (4:41) Lee Sora “Song Request (feat. SUGA of BTS)” composed by TABLO from Song Request (feat. SUGA of BTS)

01:13AM-01:16AM (3:12) Red House “Between Calm and Passion (feat. Slchld)” from Between Calm and Passion – Single on Genie Music Corporation, Stone Music Entertainment

01:16AM-01:20AM (3:33) Akhil & Manni Sandhu “Karde Haan” from Karde Haan – Single (2019)

01:20AM-01:24AM (3:38) PUNCHNELLO “Winter Blossom (feat. SAAY)” from Ordinary. (2019)

01:27AM-01:30AM (3:44) RUEED “Empress” from Empress – Single (2019)

01:30AM-01:34AM (3:33) OG-ANIC “เป็นไรไหม? (feat. Lazyloxy)” from เป็นไรไหม? (feat. Lazyloxy) – Single on Og-Anic

01:34AM-01:42AM (7:48) The GazettE “Reila” from Traces Best Of 2005-2009 (Rock) on JPU Records Ltd. (JAPAN)

01:42AM-01:45AM (3:47) Sokoninaru “Break Out!!!” from Metalin (2017) on KOGA RECORDS

01:45AM-01:49AM (3:58) Creepy Nuts “Yofukashino Uta” from Yofukashino Uta – Single (2018)




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