OK Asia Playlist 11.30.19


Tune in to the live show every Friday (11:55pm) night into Saturday (2am) morning on WXOJ-LP103.3fm Valley Free Radio.

12:02AM  EXO “Wolf” from The 1st Album ‘XOXO’ (Repackage) on SM Entertainment


12:05AM  EXOKo Ko Bop” from THE WAR – The 4th Album on SM Entertainment

12:09AM  EXOLove Shot” from LOVE SHOT – The 5th Album Repackage on SM Entertainment

12:12AM  EXO “Obsession” from OBSESSION – The 6th Album

12:15AM  Perfume “Saisei” from Saisei – Single

12:20AM  BambiNo Mercy” from No Mercy

12:24AM  AKANEBcus of You” from Bcus of You – Single. Genre: Reggae


12:30AM  WagakkiBand “Ignite” from React – EP. Genre: Rock

12:33AM  KANG DANIEL “TOUCHIN’” from TOUCHIN’ – Single

12:36AM  BigOneToo Much (feat. PENOMECO) [prod. GRAY]” from PEACH BLOSSOM on Genie Music Corporation, Stone Music Entertainment

12:40AM  椎名林檎と宇多田ヒカルThe Sun & Moon in Tokyo” from The Sun & Moon in Tokyo – Single

12:45AM  Roof Top “Friday (feat. Sik-K)” from UNFAIR – Single on MILLIONMARKET Inc.

12:47AM  King GnuKazarijanainoyo Namidawa” from Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa – Single


12:50AM  HYUKOHSI SHI GU REN LAI (from a Netflix Original Series ‘NOWHERE MAN’ [Original Soundtrack])” from SI SHI GU REN LAI (from a Netflix Original Series ‘NOWHERE MAN’ [Original Soundtrack]) – Single

1:02AM  BTSJamais vu” from MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA on Bighit Entertainment

1:05AM  BTS “Her” from Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ on Bighit Entertainment

1:09AM  TABLOThank You For Breathing (feat. Yankie & Bong Tae Gyu)” from Fever’s End on YG Entertainment Inc.

1:13AM  NATO a.k.a. Fresh Loc feat. KEN THE 390,SOCKS,TEN “Continue (feat. KEN THE 390, SOCKS & TEN)” from Continue (feat. KEN THE 390, SOCKS & TEN) – Single

1:18AM  RXG “You Don’t” from Chilling – Single

1:21AM  BRWN “Compulsion (feat. QM)” from The Black Dessert on Clubice


1:24AM  Kris Wu “Eternal Love” from Eternal Love – Single

1:31AM  a crowd of rebellion “Alone//Dite” from :12_White – EP

1:35AM  SPYAIR “Imagination” from Imagination – Single on Sony Music Labels Inc. Genre: Rock

1:38AM  石崎ひゅーい “Hoshiwo Tsukamaete” from Huwie Best on Sony Music Labels Inc.

1:43AM  BURNOUT SYNDROMES “Hikariare” from Lemon on Sony Music Labels Inc.

1:47AM  Royz “I AM WHAT I AM” from I AM WHAT I AM

1:51AM   DIR EN GREY “The Final” from Vestige of Scratches on FIREWALL DIV. Genre: Rock


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