OK Asia Playlist 08.29.20 Jun Matsumoto Celebration!

This was a very special day on OK Asia. I brought my friend Sarah to join me in a pre-birthday celebration for Jun Matsumoto from ARASHI but the fans also participated with thank you notes, beautiful flower arrangements, cute bake goods, and fan art.

Fan art and various goodies from Arashians for Jun Matsumoto’s birthday on August 30th. Thanks and credit for lovely fan art and display go out to shu_725915, Sarah, junsosweet0830, ureshiiarashi, and kamesagu.

12:02 AM Arashi “We wanna funk, we need a funk” from Popcorn
12:06 AM Arashi “Yabai-Yabai-Yabai” from Time
12:10 AM Perfume “Dream Fighter” from Perfume the Best “P Cubed” on Universal Music LLC
12:15 AM Jo1 “OH-EH-OH” from Stargazer (Special Edition) – EP on LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT
12:18 AM Daichi Miura “Yours” from Yours – Single
12:21 AM IVVY “Wink” from Wink – Single on AndRec
12:25 AM Kard “Gunshot” from KARD 1st Single ‘Way With Words’ – Single on Kakao M Corp.
12:31 AM Arashi “STAY GOLD” from THE DIGITALIAN on J Storm Inc.
12:36 AM Arashi “Shake It!” from Beautiful World on J Storm Inc.
12:39 AM Sumni “pporappippam” from pporappippam
12:43 AM Darren Espanto “Starlight” from Starlight – Single on Universal Music Philippines Inc.
12:47 AM SB19 “Love Goes” from Get In The Zone on Sony Music Entertainment
12:51 AM 玖壹壹 “9453” from 9453
12:54 AM SixTONES “navigator” from NAVIGATOR
1:02 AM Arashi “W/ME” from One on J Storm Inc.
1:05 AM Arashi “Baby blue” from Are You Happy? on J Storm Inc.
1:09 AM Little Glee Monster “I Feel The Light featuring Earth, Wind & Fire” from I Feel The Light – EP
1:13 AM King Gnu “The hole” from Sympa
1:17 AM SixTONES “Hysteria” from NAVIGATOR
1:20 AM Arashi “Don’t You Love Me?” from Japonism on J Storm Inc.
1:24 AM Arashi “Naked” from Dream “A” Live on J Storm Inc.
1:30 AM D1CE “One Summer” from CLEF CREW Project. Take two – Single on 클래프컴퍼니
1:33 AM MONSTA X “Wish on the same sky” from Wish on the same sky – Single on Universal Music LLC
1:37 AM Jackson Wang “100 Ways” from 100 Ways – Single on 88rising Music/12Tone Music, LLC
1:40 AM SixTONES “love u…” from NAVIGATOR
2:02 AM Arashi “Dance in the dark” from LOVE on J Storm Inc.
2:05 AM Arashi “Come Back to Me” from Boku No Miteiru Fuukei on J Storm Inc.
2:10 AM BTS “Dynamite” from Dynamite – Single on 2020 BigHit Entertainment
2:13 AM Fujii Kaze “Mo-Eh-Wa” from HELP EVER HURT NEVER on Universal Music LLC
2:18 AM Maaya Sakamoto “Yakudo” from Yakudo – Single
2:22 AM Da-iCE “DREAMIN’ ON” from DREAMIN’ ON -Special Edition- – EP on avex trax
2:29 AM Arashi “Turning Up” from Turning Up – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:32 AM Arashi “IN THE SUMMER” from IN THE SUMMER – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:37 AM aimyon “Kimi wa Rock wo Kikanai” from Kimi Wa Rock Wo Kikanai – EP
2:41 AM BUCK-TICK “Moonlight Escape” from Moonlight Escape – Single on Lingua Sounda
2:45 AM Mrs. Green Apple “Ao To Natsu” from Ao To Natsu – Single

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