OK Asia 11.07.20 Playlist

OK ASIA appreciate your requests. Thank you for making the program one of a kind.

OK ASIA is live every Friday night at 11:59 PM (ET) with a rebroadcast on Monday mornings at 1:00 AM (ET) on WXOJ-LP 103.3fm Valley Free Radio, Northampton, MA.

12:02 AM ARASHI “GUTS!” from THE DIGITALIAN on J Storm Inc.
12:06 AM ARASHI “A・RA・SHI” from A・RA・SHI – Single on J Storm Inc.
12:11 AM Blackswan “Over & Over” from Goodbye RANIA on ㈜디알뮤직
12:14 AM CIX “Jungle” from HELLO Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time – EP
12:18 AM MAMAMOO “Dingga” from Dingga – Single on Kakao M Corp.
12:21 AM Hwa Sa “Maria” from María – EP on ㈜RBW(RBW, Inc)
12:29 AM ARASHI “Endless Game” from LOVE on J Storm Inc.
12:32 AM ARASHI “Step and Go” from Dream “A” Live on J Storm Inc.
12:37 AM BLACKPINK “Pretty Savage” from THE ALBUM on YG Entertainment
12:41 AM AB6IX “SALUTE” from SALUTE – EP
12:44 AM MONSTA X “Love Killa” from Fatal Love
12:47 AM MONSTA X “Sorry I’m Not Sorry” from Fatal Love
1:02 AM ARASHI “Turning Up” from Turning Up – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:05 AM ARASHI “Do You…?” from This is ARASHI
1:09 AM BTS “Dynamite” from Dynamite (DayTime Version) on 2020 BigHit Entertainment
1:12 AM Agust D “Burn It (feat. MAX)” from D-2 on BigHit Entertainment
1:15 AM CL “+HWA+” from +HWA+ – Single
1:25 AM Snow Man “KISSIN’ MY LIPS” from KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories
1:28 AM Snow Man “君の彼氏になりたい。” from KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories
1:32 AM SixTONES “japonica style” from NAVIGATOR [TYPE B] [期間限定盤]
1:35 AM SixTONES “navigator” from NAVIGATOR
1:39 AM SexyZone “One Ability” from POP x STEP!?
1:43 AM SexyZone “MELODY” from POP x STEP!?
1:48 AM King & Prince “Break Away” from L&
1:52 AM King & Prince “Freak out” from L&
2:02 AM ARASHI “Kanpai Song” from “untitled” on J Storm Inc.
2:06 AM ARASHI “Party Starters” from Party Starters – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:09 AM Fujii Kaze “Hedemo Ne-Yo” from Hedemo Ne-Yo – Single
2:12 AM Gen Hoshino “Pop Virus” from POP VIRUS on Speedstar
2:15 AM DPR IAN “So Beautiful” from So Beautiful – Single on DREAM PERFECT REGIME (DPR)
2:18 AM MINO “Run away” from TAKE
2:24 AM ARASHI “IN THE SUMMER” from IN THE SUMMER – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:29 AM ARASHI “Whenever You Call” from Whenever You Call – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:32 AM SB19 “Hanggang Sa Huli” from Get In The Zone on Sony Music Entertainment
2:36 AM GULF x War Wanarat “Missing Baby” from BOYFRIENDS
2:40 AM Un1ty “Terbunuh Sepi” from Terbunuh Sepi – Single on FAS

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