OK Asia 12.05.20 Playlist

OK ASIA is hosted and created by DJ Panic, a music program that plays a wide selection of Asian artists combining genres like rock, pop, hip hop, and R&B.

On air every Friday at 11:59 pm (ET) with a rebroadcast every Monday at 1:00 am (ET) on WXOJ103.3fm Valley Free Radio in Northampton, MA.

12:02 AM ARASHI “Wonderful” from THE DIGITALIAN on J Storm Inc.
12:05 AM ARASHI “時代” from 時代 – Single on J Storm Inc.
12:10 AM Iñigo Pascual “Always” from Always – Single on Tarsier Records
12:13 AM NCT U “All About You” from NCT RESONANCE Pt. 2 – The 2nd Album
12:16 AM Sarah Geronimo “Kilometro” from Perfectly Imperfect on Viva Records Corporation
12:20 AM CL “+HWA+” from +HWA+ – Single on 베리체리(Very Cherry)
12:23 AM KREVA “Fall In Love Again (feat. Daichi Miura)” from Fall In Love Again (feat. Daichi Miura) – Single
12:29 AM ARASHI “Starlight kiss” from LOVE on J Storm Inc.
12:33 AM ARASHI “Caramel Song” from Arashic on J Storm Inc.
12:38 AM KZ Tandingan “Marupok” from Marupok – Single on Star Music
12:41 AM SB19 “Love Goes” from Get In The Zone on Sony Music Entertainment
12:45 AM w-inds. “Beautiful Now” from Beautiful Now – Single
12:48 AM BTS “My Time” from MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 on Bighit Entertainment
12:52 AM BTS “Life Goes On” from BE on 2020 BigHit Entertainment
1:02 AM ARASHI “Party Starters” from Party Starters – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:05 AM ARASHI “君への想い” from Japonism on J Storm Inc.
1:09 AM SixTONES “new era” from NEW ERA
1:13 AM Snow Man “Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat” from D.D. / Imitation Rain
1:17 AM King & Prince “Full Time Lover” from Mazy Night
1:21 AM SexyZone “Arms Around Me” from NOT FOUND
1:28 AM ARASHI “Power of the Paradise” from Power of the Paradise – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:32 AM ARASHI “Dear Snow” from Dear Snow – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:37 AM SixTONES “So Addicted” from NEW ERA 【期間限定盤】
1:41 AM Snow Man “Stories” from KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories
1:44 AM King & Prince “Spark and Spark” from 君を待ってる(初回限定盤B)
1:49 AM SexyZone “それでいいよ” from POP x STEP!?
2:02 AM ARASHI “Whenever You Call” from Whenever You Call – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:05 AM ARASHI “いつか秒針のあう頃” from This is ARASHI
2:08 AM Fujii Kaze “Hedemo Ne-Yo” from Hedemo Ne-Yo – Single on Universal Music LLC
2:11 AM DPR LIVE “Jam & Butterfly (feat. Crush & eaJ)” from Jam & Butterfly (feat. Crush & eaJ) – Single
2:15 AM BoA “Better” from BETTER – The 10th Album
2:18 AM Mirei “Lonely in Tokyo” from Take Me Away on Cool Japan Music, Inc.
2:22 AM Magnus Haven “Imahe” from Imahe – Single on Warner Music Philippines
2:30 AM Bullet Train “Winter Show” from Winter Show
2:35 AM Miss Pooja “Ik No Di Cheez” from Ik No Di Cheez
2:38 AM Seth Fedelin “Kahit Na Anong Sabihin Ng Iba” from Kahit Na Anong Sabihin Ng Iba – Single on StarPop
2:41 AM Darren Espanto “Believe In Christmas” from Believe In Christmas – Single on Universal Music Philippines Inc.

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