OK Asia 12.12.20 Playlist


OK ASIA is hosted and created by DJ Panic, a music program that plays a wide selection of Asian artists combining genres like rock, pop, hip hop, and R&B.

On air every Friday at 11:59 pm (ET) with a rebroadcast every Monday at 1:00 am (ET) on WXOJ103.3fm Valley Free Radio in Northampton, MA.

12:02 AM ARASHI “Turning Up (R3HAB Remix)” from Turning Up (R3HAB Remix) – Single on J Storm Inc.
12:04 AM ARASHI “Wish” from Wish – Single
12:09 AM THE BEAT GARDEN “Marriage Song” from Marriage Song – Single
12:12 AM w-inds. “Beautiful Now” from Beautiful Now – Single
12:16 AM ATEEZ “THANXX” from ZERO: FEVER, Pt. 1 on KQ Entertainment
12:19 AM Apink “Dumhdurum” from Look
12:22 AM Đức Phúc “Hơn Cả Yêu” from Hơn Cả Yêu – Single
12:30 AM ARASHI “I Can’t Wait For Christmas” from This is ARASHI
12:34 AM ARASHI “Daylight” from Are You Happy? on J Storm Inc.
12:39 AM KREVA “Fall In Love Again (feat. Daichi Miura)” from Fall In Love Again (feat. Daichi Miura) – Single
12:42 AM SB19 “Love Goes” from Get In The Zone on Sony Music Entertainment
12:46 AM KAI “Mmmh” from KAI – The 1st Mini Album – EP
12:49 AM BTS “Stay” from BE on Universal Music LLC
1:02 AM ARASHI “Do you… ?” from This is ARASHI
1:05 AM ARASHI “Party Starters” from Party Starters – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:09 AM SixTONES “new era” from NEW ERA
1:12 AM Snow Man “D.D.” from D.D. / Imitation Rain
1:17 AM King & Prince “Naughty Girl” from King & Prince
1:21 AM Sexy Zone “NOT FOUND” from NOT FOUND
1:28 AM ARASHI “Pray” from “untitled”
1:33 AM ARASHI “Hope in the darkness” from THE DIGITALIAN on J Storm Inc.
1:38 AM SixTONES “Lemonade” from NEW ERA
1:41 AM Snow Man “KISSIN’ MY LIPS” from KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories
1:44 AM King & Prince “Focus” from L&
1:49 AM Sexy Zone “all this time” from POP x STEP!?
2:02 AM ARASHI “Whenever You Call” from Whenever You Call – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:05 AM ARASHI “Itsuka Byoshin No Au Koro” from This is ARASHI
2:09 AM Sarah Geronimo “Your Universe” from Your Universe – Single on Viva Records
2:13 AM FlowBack “Crescendo” from Crescendo – Single on M.IN.F
2:16 AM Mew Suppasit “Nan Na (นั้นนา) [feat. Nice CNX]” from Nan Na (นั้นนา) [feat. Nice CNX] – Single on Mew Suppasit Studio
2:20 AM Fujii Kaze “Seishun Sick” from Seishun Sick – Single on Universal Music LLC
2:28 AM ARASHI “Brave” from Brave – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:33 AM SEKAI NO OWARI “silent” from silent – Single on Universal Music LLC
2:38 AM ARASHI “The Music Never Ends” from This is ARASHI
2:42 AM Voices From Mars “Mother” from Carole & Tuesday Vocal Collection, Vol. 2


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