OK Asia 07.03.21 Playlist


OK ASIA is hosted and created by DJ Panic, a music program that plays a wide selection of Asian artists combining genres like rock, pop, hip hop, and R&B.

On air every Friday at 11:59 pm (ET) with a rebroadcast every Monday at 1:00 am (ET) on WXOJ103.3fm Valley Free Radio in Northampton, MA.

12:03 AM hico “Strawberry (feat. Tomo)” from Strawberry (feat. Tomo) – Single on Present Label
12:06 AM Dreamcatcher “4 Memory” from [Dystopia : Road to Utopia] on 드림캐쳐컴퍼니
12:09 AM BABY BLUE “Sweet Talking Sugar” from Sweet Talking Sugar (Lyrax Remix) – Single on MNL48
12:12 AM SECRET NUMBER “Holiday” from Who Dis? – Single on VINE ENTERTAINMENT
12:14 AM BGYO “He’s Into Her” from He’s Into Her – Single on Star Music
12:18 AM ORβIT “UNIVERSE” from 00 on Present Label
12:22 AM Kio Priest “Man in My Dream (feat. André Manguba)” from Man in My Dream (feat. André Manguba) – Single
12:28 AM FAKY “ANTIDOTE (DISK NAGATAKI Remix)” from ANTIDOTE (DISK NAGATAKI Remix) – Single on rhythm zone
12:32 AM YOASOBI “夜に駆ける” from 夜に駆ける – Single on YOASOBI
12:45 AM Darren Espanto “Tama Na” from Tama Na – Single on Universal Music Philippines Inc.
12:48 AM Mew Suppasit “Summer Fireworks” from Summer Fireworks – Single
12:51 AM Dimash Qudaibergen “BE WITH ME” from BE WITH ME – Single on DimashAli
1:03 AM ARASHI “P・A・R・A・D・O・X” from LOVE on J Storm Inc.
1:06 AM 神山智洋 (Johnny’s WEST)”KNOCK OUT” from rainboW
1:10 AM SexyZone “BAD BOYS” from SZ10TH
1:14 AM Snow Man “D.D.” from D.D. / Imitation Rain
1:19 AM Snow Man “君の彼氏になりたい。” from KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories
1:22 AM KinKi Kids “99%” from KinKi Kids “O”
1:26 AM King & Prince “Naughty Girl” from King & Prince
1:30 AM SixTONES “So Addicted” from NEW ERA 【期間限定盤】
1:33 AM SixTONES “Strawberry Breakfast” from 僕が僕じゃないみたいだ
1:38 AM SexyZone “麒麟の子 kirin no ko” from SZ10TH
1:42 AM King & Prince “雨音 (Amaoto)” from Magic Touch / Beating Hearts
1:51 AM ジャニーズWEST “Tomorrow” from サムシング・ニュー (Something New)
1:57 AM ARASHI “Love Situation” from Time on J Storm Inc.
2:02 AM Perfume “Polygon Wave” from Polygon Wave – Single
2:05 AM ENDRECHERI “one more purple funk… – katana” from one more purple funk… – katana – EP on RAINBOW ENDLI9
2:09 AM Koichi Domoto “Deep in your heart” from mirror on Johnny’s Entertainment Inc.
2:13 AM Fujii Kaze “Tabiji” from Tabiji – Single on Universal Music LLC
2:17 AM Haruma Miura “Night Diver” from Night Diver – Single on A-Sketch
2:21 AM Gaho “Rush Hour” from Rush Hour – Single on 플라네타리움 레코드(Planetarium Records)
2:28 AM Alice Nine “BIRTHDAY” from Wonderland With Black
2:31 AM BABYMETAL “GJ!” from Metal Resistance on TOY’S FACTORY
2:34 AM [Alexandros] “Kaze Ni Natte” from Where’s My History? on Universal Music LLC
2:39 AM PinkFantasy “Poison” from Alice in Wonderland
2:42 AM Un1ty “Restu Waktu” from Restu Waktu – Single on FAS
2:46 AM SB19 & Ben&Ben “MAPA (Band Version)” from MAPA (Band Version) – Single


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