OK Asia 04.16.22 Playlist

OK Asia Where Asian Music Gets Heard

NiziU “ASOBO” from ASOBO – Single on Sony Music Labels Inc.
Dreamcatcher “MAISON” from [Apocalypse : Save us] on DREAMCATCHER COMPANY
Jonathan Manalo “Kabataang Pinoy” from Kabataang Pinoy – Single on Star Music
OWV “Sound the Alarm” from You – EP on Universal Music LLC
Kenta Dedachi “Fire and Gold” from You
[Alexandros] “Hibi, Oriori” from Rock The World / Hibi, Oriori – Single on Universal Music LLC
FAKY “Re:Candy” from Re:wrapped on rhythm zone
BE:FIRST “Bye-Good-Bye” from Bye-Good-Bye – Single on B-ME
BINI & BGYO “Up” from Up – Single on Star Music
Kaia “Blah Blah” from Blah Blah – Single on Sony Music Entertainment
Nissy “Do Do” from Do Do – Single on avex trax
King & Prince “Lovin’ you” from Lovin’ you
Mew Suppasit “Our Time (เพลงจากละคร “เวลากามเทพ”)” from Our Time (เพลงจากละคร “เวลากามเทพ”) – Single on GMM Grammy PCL.
NONT TANONT “เธอมีคนเดียวบนโลก (AIN’T NO OTHER ONE)” from เธอมีคนเดียวบนโลก (AIN’T NO OTHER ONE) – Single on LOVEiS Entertainment
Hey! Say! JUMP “Try & error” from ネガティブファイター
MA55IVE THE RAMPAGE “Drip Drop” from Drip Drop – Single on rhythm zone
INI “CALL 119” from CALL 119
俞更寅 “迟到的美好” from 迟到的美好 – Single on 鲸鱼向海
Bean Napason “ถ้าเธอไม่ไหว(Tomorrow Will Be Better)” from ถ้าเธอไม่ไหว(Tomorrow Will Be Better) – Single on Boxx Music
THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE “Change My Life” from Change My Life – Single on rythm zone
KAT-TUN “Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” from Honey(Selected Edition) on J Storm Inc.
TOMOHISA YAMASHITA “Beautiful World” from Face To Face – EP on Label9
Novel Core “HAPPY TEARS (feat. Aile The Shota)” from HAPPY TEARS (feat. Aile The Shota) – Single on B-ME
GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE “時の描片 ~トキノカケラ~” from GENERATIONS FROM EXILE on rhythm zone
BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE “HIGHWAY” from Animal on rhythm zone
ORβIT “Never Gonna Get Away” from Enchant – EP on Present Label
ジャニーズWEST “Born to Be Wild” from Mixed Juice
OCTPATH “Playboy” from IT’S A BOP – EP on Universal Music LLC
Darren Espanto “Pabalik Sa’yo” from Pabalik Sa’yo – Single on Universal Music Philippines Inc.
Snow Man “REFRESH” from ブラザービート
SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing” from Darl+ing – Single
Sexy Zone “Prism” from Summer Hydrangea
SixTONES “Ordinary Hero” from City
Alamat “Sa Panaginip Na Lang” from Sa Panaginip Na Lang – Single on Viva Records
Fujii Kaze “damn” from LOVE ALL SERVE ALL on Universal Music LLC
Pixxie “มูเตลู (Light Ver.)” from มูเตลู (Light Ver.) – Single on LIT ENTERTAINMENT
U-KNOW “Why” from True Colors – The 1st Mini Album – EP on SM Entertainment
MAX CHANGMIN “Devil” from Devil – The 2nd Mini Album – EP on SM Entertainment
Team Handsome! “Beautiful Stanger” from 15th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME COLLECTION
Haruma Miura “Night Diver” from Night Diver – Single on A-Sketch
Arashi 嵐”unknown” from URA ARA BEST 2016-2020 on J Storm Inc.
Arashi 嵐”Love so sweet : Reborn” from Love so sweet : Reborn – Single on J Storm Inc.

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