Panic’s Blah Blah: Mizuki Inoue of HiHi Jets takes us back into the ’70s

Mizuki Inoue (L) and Katsuki Motodaka (R) opening night. Photo provided by (c) Johnny & Associates, Inc.

Return to the 1970s with Mizuki Inoue of HiHi Jets with his first solo starring stage performance as “Michael Dork” in the Japan Premiere of the smash hit West-End musical LOSERVILLE! Also featuring Katsuki Motodaka of 7 MEN Samurai!

The musical is about a high school lowly computer nerd Michael Dork (Inoue), who lives in a town called Loserville and gets taunted by his classmates. But at least he has his best friend Lucas (Motodaka), and together they will do anything to survive the high school misery and get their ticket out of this town!

Written by British Rocker James Bourne with music by Elliot Davis, LOSERVILLE opened on March 5th, 2023, at the Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre, kicking off a 4 -city run that includes Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagoya before taking its final bow on April 30th.

A message from from Mizuki Inoue (HiHi Jets)
“I feel a great deal of pressure but a deep sense of responsibility. I’ve never been the solo star of a live production, and certainly not one as well-known as LOSERVILLE, but I am determined to do my best. I’m particularly inspired by the enthusiasm James has shown for the show and its Japan run on Twitter, interacting with my and Katsuki’s fans and sharing their sense of excitement. I don’t want to let him or them down!”

LOSERVILLE – photo provided by (c) Johnny & Associates