Panic’s Blah Blah: Snow Man Drops 3rd Album “i DO ME”

Snow Man photo provided by Johnny & Associates

On May 17th, Snow Man released their third album, “i DO ME,” – now available wherever Japanese CDs are sold.

According to Billboard Japan, the group sold over 800,000 physical copies on pre-orders alone! Congratulations!

Snow Man is known for their elaborate dance numbers and moving ballads. The popular J-pop group has created an album that combines their signature sound with rock, funk, and just a touch of industrial techno.

Their recent YouTube viral hits like the bewitchingly sensual “slow…” and the powerful “Tapestry” to the uplifting “Orange kiss” and a brand-new club anthem, “Super Deeper,” it’s always a complex blend of sound.

And just heard the album also features “Cry out” – one of the group’s most popular Junior-era tracks – with a stylishly hardcore Dance Practice video available right now on YouTube!

Stream Snow Man‘s “Cry out” Dance Practice (my favorite way to watch MVs) below.

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