Panic’s Blah Blah: ZONE OUT


Addiction‘the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.’


My addiction is MUSIC.  Music needs to be there.  I even get moody or anxious when I’m in a place where there’s no music.  “UGH! NO MUSIC!” In my head, I will yell. Thank goodness for headphones and mobile devices.  With that being said there are songs that I zone out too. When Anne Rice’s Vampire book series was the favorite read in 1994, I listened to Bjork’s ‘Come To Me’ from her 1993 album DEBUT.  The song in the background helped me read. I would get lost in the story with that song. It was pure pleasure. One time I had a task that needed my attention at work.  I played Buck-Tick’s song ‘Ash-ra’ from their 1996 album COSMOS from when I sat down at my desk until I clocked out.  With Buck-Tick’s song, my mood was “Let’s do this”.  When I heard Toll’s cymbal crash following the snare drum I got charged. I can keep going on and on.  I’m sure there are people like me.  Music is part of my life, part of who I am. Like Tower Records says NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.  That’s me.

By the way, while I was writing the blah blah, I was listening non-stop to LAY’s song ‘Honey’ from the EP HONEY.  lol

#LoveYourself #RespectOthers #EducateYourself #ENDviolence


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