OK Asia Playlist 11.2.19 MONSTA X Comeback Party


OK ASIA is on-air every Friday at 11:55pm(ET) on WXOJ-LP103.3fm and streaming thru TuneIn and valleyfreeradio.org.

Special thanks to all MONBEBE around the world for helping OK ASIA with the playlist.


12:02AM  MONSTA X “Hero” from RUSH – EP

12:05AM  MONSTA X “Beautiful” from Shine Forever


12:12AM  MONSTA X “Find you” from FOLLOW – FIND YOU on Starship Entertainment

12:15AM  Kisum “Say Hi (feat. Woody)” from Say Hi (feat. Woody) – Single

12:18AM  Edge of Silence “Foxxay (feat. Baeeori)” from Foxxay – Single on Zero37

12:21AM  Junny “Be Mine (feat. Holynn)” from Vivid, Pt. 2 – EP on 마릴린 먼더랜드(Marilyn Monderland)

12:29AM  MONSTA X “Shoot Out” from Take.1 Are You There? on Starship Entertainment

12:32AM  MONSTA X “Alligator” from Take.2 We Are Here. on Starship Entertainment

12:36AM  MONSTA X “WHO DO U LOVE? (feat. French Montana)” from WHO DO U LOVE? (feat. French Montana) – Single on Epic

12:39AM  MONSTA X “Follow” from FOLLOW – FIND YOU on Starship Entertainment

12:42AM  Penomeco “Do Ma Thang” from if. – Single

12:46AM  GRAY “Remember” from Remember – Single on Genie Music Corporation, Stone Music Entertainment

12:49AM  WINNER “SOSO” from CROSS on YG Entertainment

1:02AM  BTS “Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [EDM Remix]” from Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [EDM Remix] – Single

1:06AM  BTS “MIC Drop” from Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ on Bighit Entertainment

1:10AM  BTS “BTS Cypher 4” from WINGS

1:14AM  KUN “Young” from Young – Single on Kun Recordings / EMPIRE

1:17AM  한요한 “To All the Fake Rapstars (feat. Swings)” from Exiv on 린치핀뮤직㈜(Linchpin Music Corp.)

1:20AM  Rudebwoy Face “Gyal a Wine Up! (DiDistance Remix)” from Gyal a Wine Up! (DiDistance Remix) – Single on groovillage. Genre: Reggae

1:24AM Charlie Lim “Circles” from CHECK-HOOK

1:28AM  BILLIE IDLE “Under the Sun” from Not Idol. Genre: Rock

1:32AM  The Molice “Moving” from Gate on Good Charamel Records

1:37AM  アルカラ “Kisaragi Ni Kanojo” from Kageki on Speedstar. Genre: Rock

1:42AM  Sid “Uso” from SID – 10th Anniversary BEST. Genre: Rock


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