djPanic’s Blah Blah: cignature (시그니처) – ‘아싸 (ASSA)’ MV

*Disclaimer I’m not a journalist I do this for fun and for the love that I have for music.

Hello everybody!

I hope everyone is staying at home and safe.  Alright, it has been a while since I have written a  Blah Blah post.  Today I want to Blah Blah about cignature’s ‘ASSA’


I went back to their debut song 눈누난나 (Nun Nu Nan Na) and in my opinion, I fell that ‘Nun Nu Nan Na’ would have been good as their second MV after seeing and listening to ‘ASSA’.  I’m heavily vibing on this new bop.  Check out both MV and let me know which one you are hooked on!



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