OK Asia 01.16.21 Playlist


OK ASIA is hosted and created by DJ Panic, a music program that plays a wide selection of Asian artists combining genres like rock, pop, hip hop, and R&B.

On air every Friday at 11:59 pm (ET) with a rebroadcast every Monday at 1:00 am (ET) on WXOJ103.3fm Valley Free Radio in Northampton, MA.

12:02 AM SixTONES “Special Order” from ST
12:05 AM Rocket Punch “BOUNCY” from RED PUNCH on 울림 엔터테인먼트(Woollim Entertainment)
12:08 AM GOT7 “Breath” from Breath of Love : Last Piece on JYP Entertainment
12:11 AM GFRIEND “MAGO” from 回:Walpurgis Night on Kakao M Corp.
12:15 AM Un1ty “Satu” from Satu – Single on FAS
12:21 AM Sakurako Ohara “Tsukiakari” from Enjoy
12:27 AM Apink “I’m So Sick” from One & Six – EP
12:31 AM SECRET NUMBER “Got That Boom” from Got That Boom – Single on VINE ENTERTAINMENT
12:34 AM E-girls “Love ☆ Queen” from E-girls on rhythm zone
12:38 AM (G)I-DLE “HWAA” from I burn
12:42 AM SKY-HI “仕合わせ feat. Kan Sano” from Shiawase (feat. Kan Sano) – Single on B-ME
12:46 AM KAI “Mmmh” from KAI – The 1st Mini Album – EP on SM Entertainment
12:53 AM KAI “Nothing On Me” from KAI – The 1st Mini Album – EP on SM Entertainment
1:02 AM ARASHI “Turning Up” from Turning Up – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:05 AM ARASHI “P-A-R-A-D-O-X” from LOVE on J Storm Inc.
1:08 AM Snow Man “Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat” from D.D. / Imitation Rain
1:12 AM King & Prince “Freak out” from L&
1:16 AM SixTONES “Lemonade” from NEW ERA
1:19 AM King & Prince “Bounce” from L&
1:22 AM Snow Man “Stories” from KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories
1:26 AM SixTONES “ST” from 1ST
1:30 AM Sexy Zone “BON BON TONIGHT” from Honey Honey
1:34 AM Sexy Zone “SHE IS…LOVE” from POP x STEP!?
1:38 AM ARASHI “Whenever You Call” from Whenever You Call – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:41 AM ARASHI “いつか秒針のあう頃” from This is 嵐 on J Storm Inc.
2:02 AM Agust D “Daechwita” from D-2 on BigHit Entertainment
2:05 AM BTS “My Time” from MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 on Bighit Entertainment
2:09 AM YUI “Life” from From Me to You on Sony Music Records
2:13 AM Omoinotake “One Day – From THE FIRST TAKE” from One Day – From THE FIRST TAKE – Single on THE FIRST TAKE MUSIC
2:17 AM Daichi Miura “Forever & Always” from Cry & Fight – Single
2:20 AM ARASHI “Kite” from This is ARASHI on J Storm Inc.
2:25 AM ARASHI “The Music Never Ends” from This is 嵐 on J Storm Inc.
2:32 AM Fujii Kaze “Mo-Eh-Wa” from Mo-Eh-Wa EP on Universal Music LLC
2:37 AM Neha Kakkar “Daily Daily” from Daily Daily – Single
2:40 AM เพิร์ธ วีริณฐ์ศรา ตั้งกิจสุวานิช “เรียกแฟนได้ไหม (From “Why R U The Series”)” from เรียกแฟนได้ไหม (From “Why R U The Series”) – Single on Emojii Music
2:45 AM Morissette Amon “Love You Still” from Love You Still – Single on Stages Sessions


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